Rosano Partners’ established relationships and extensive database of lending resources are key components in the success of your financing assignment. We excel at creating competition amongst lenders, ensuring your financing assignment obtains both the best terms and rate.

Permanent/Fixed Rate Financing
Permanent/Fixed Rate Financing is the most utilized core product throughout the commercial real estate industry.

Bridge/Repositioning Loans
Many types of short-term financing can be accessed for challenging situations. Designed to be paid back relatively quickly, bridge and repositioning loans can be a key component in any long-term strategy. Windward has a wide range of resources and can help borrowers understand all the nuances and conditions while helping them plan for the future.

Floating-Rate Financing
This product is very attractive to borrowers who have a short term horizon of two to seven years and want to maximize the current value in a property. These rates have been at historic lows and have been very popular as they usually have minimal or no prepayment penalties. Windward assists borrowers in utilizing these flexible structures for their short term needs.

Construction Loans
Typically, construction loans are short-term loans utilized by developers to finance building costs. Such loans vary depending on the product, the length of the construction process, and the borrower’s experience. Windward continues to assist clients in securing the best structure, leverage and rate for these critical loans.

Mezzanine/Preferred Equity Financing
Mezzanine/Preferred Equity Financing can be structured numerous ways to complete a client’s capital stack. Windward is adept at finding creative solutions to bridge the gap between what a conventional lender is willing to finance and the amount needed to complete a client’s transaction.

Joint Venture Equity
JV Equity allows clients to achieve maximum leverage on their capital without the limitations of conventional family and friends syndication. JV Equity typically will invest between 80-95% of the required equity. JV Equity is available in all major product types (retail, office, industrial, hotel and multi-family).